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Ever thought of becoming a radio presenter? Email info@burgesshillradio.co.uk to find out how you can join us!

Although Burgess Hill Radio has no paid staff there are a lot of expenses involved in the project. There’s the cost of setting up the studio and the equipment that goes in it! Licences to play music on the radio must also be purchased. There are costs for internet and streaming, rent, electricity and telephone together with day to day running costs, like coffee for the guests!

Local businesses and community groups are being offered the chance to buy advertisement air-time or to sponsor programmes to help with on-going running costs. We will also apply for grant funding from such sources as Burgess Hill Town Council and Mid-Sussex District Council as well as the Lottery Fund and other organisations.

Although not a charity, Burgess Hill Radio has been set up as a non-profit making organisation so any profits that we make from the sale of air-time advertising or sponsorship must be either reinvested in the Radio Station or distributed among worthy causes in the Community.

For information about sponsorship and advertising opportunities, which cost from as little as £1.60 a day, email sponsors@burgesshillradio.co.uk

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