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We'll be on 103.8FM very soon and we're also building a new website. Keep checking for more details!

My Dad tells me that, if I were born a girl, I would have been called Caroline after the radio station. I suppose knowing that it seemed inevitable that I would end up on the radio.

I have been immersed in music my whole life from being a ten year old buying Blondie and Buzzcocks singles to spending the next twenty years trying to be a pop star. My day job is in insurance…

I have been involved in radio for almost ten years now, working on various local stations. I’m really excited to join Burgess Hill Radio and I hope I bring something slightly irreverent to the schedule!

My show ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ on Sunday evenings between 9pm and 11pm is a bit ‘seat of your pants.’ I will nominate a first song and a last song for the show and, together with your help, we will go on a journey, linking each song we play together to get from the first to the last in the two hours. The more tenuous the link from one song to the next, the better! It will all get a bit nervy as we try a way to the final song of the evening.