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I am delighted to have been given the chance to present on Burgess Hill Radio. Music plays a large part in my life and has done from an early age.

As soon as I started work at 16 I remember spending my entire first month’s wage on a new record player and sound system, and would spend hours in my bedroom playing records. I then saved up for a mobile disco unit with massive 100W speakers to play my expanding record collection. I would regularly be told off for playing my music too loud in my bedroom, so friends parties and discos then followed where I could play my music as loud as I wanted. I managed to acquire hundreds of records over the years as it seemed that I would spend most of my wages each month on records.

Music is still a large part of my life and I love playing songs for people. I guess that is from my youth when I used to enjoy watching people’s reactions when I played music for them. Having the opportunity to now do the same thing by being on radio is so exciting for me. It is very difficult for me not to sing along when the songs are being played on air, but I promise to try hard and not inflict my singing on you.

Apart from music, my hobbies are football (Brighton & Hove Albion as my team), politics, socialising and red wine, although perhaps drinking shouldn’t be classed as a hobby!

I am looking forward to being an active member of the radio station and fulfilling its objective of being a voice for the local community, so please join me when I am on air. It’s the listeners that make the station.