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Raymond’s introduction to pop music started at an early age.  The youngest of three siblings, his two sisters were teenagers in the 60’s and this meant music was a constant feature in the house. Their favourite artists left a lasting influence on his taste from The Beatle’s ‘Twist & Shout’ to The Who’s 'My Generation’. These are among his favourites today.

His interest in radio started by listening to Radio Luxembourg on his first transistor radio in the evenings when he should have been asleep.  Then once Radio 1 started the highlight was listening before school to the Breakfast Show hosted by Tony Blackburn. Listening to the Top Twenty at 6:00pm on a Sunday with his sisters was another weekly highlight not to be missed.

Raymond has built a vast record collection of 7 inch singles over the years, mainly from the 60’s to present day and is always looking for a record not in his collection, or limited editions from today's artists. As a teenager with an interest in electronics he liked to rig up a microphone and speaker and create his own radio show, but never thought he would actually present on the radio.

Having lived in Burgess Hill most of his life (along with the rest of his family) Raymond wants to give back a little. Burgess Hill Community Radio has allowed him to help support the local community whilst feeding his passion for music and radio.  Raymond presents a weekly show called ‘Jukebox Playlist” featuring music from the 60’s to the 80’s with a themed section and plenty of facts and information.

Married, with three children (now young adults) who all have an interest in listening to music of all genres, recently Raymond took up up running and enjoys Parkruns on Saturday mornings and running as a member of Burgess Hill Runners.